Cover – barricade

Their are many things people learn rather quickly in paintball.  Tactic and movement wise, one of the first is how to use cover.  Beginning players will run up to a barricade or other cover and hug the cover like their life depended on it.  This is bad for many reasons:

  1. You can’t see your enemy
  2. It will delay how quickly you can fire on an opponent
  3. You have no way of knowing if an opponent is moving up on your position

It really doesn’t matter where your positioning is, if you can’t see your enemy, you loose.  They will find an angle your not aware of and take you out.  If you pop up from behind a bunker to fire, they know where you are, but you don’t even know where to start pointing your marker if they moved since the last time you looked.

So, how do you avoid all of these pitfalls when taking cover?

  1. Get a buddy you trust
  2. Protect your buddy
  3. Keep track of where your opponents are

The key to success on the field is having people around you that you trust to look out for you.  If your playing an open game and you forced to pick someone you have not played with, find someone you like and work with them game after game so you can pick up how each of you moves.

When getting to your bunker, position yourself so you can protect your buddies blind spots and they should be doing the same for you.  This will take care of anyone running up on your position.

Lastly, unless your taking fire from all sides, NEVER hug a bunker!  If you know where your opponents are, always stay as far back from your bunker as you can and still see as much of the field.  You want to keep something between where your opponents ARE while preferably letting you see on either side of that position.  This way they have to move out from behind their cover to fire on you and you only fire back on them when they are exposed.

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