Battlefield Bad Company 2

OK, here is a game with all the addictions that I love Battle Field, Bad Company 2, unfortunately it wasn’t all roses getting the game going for the first time.

OK, the bad news first… OH MY GOD!  This game was SUCH a pain in the @r$ to get to where I could play!  I played the beta and everything was fine.  I purchased the prerelease version and ended up sitting on the sidelines for the first 2-3 weeks all because PunkBuster either would not initialize or would keep booting me because it didn’t think it was installed. (Part of the problem was that I played the Beta and punkbuster’s installer kept installing itself in that directory)  Recently it’s finally letting me in, so I am running with it.

So the good news, I LOVE push games!  Having the field shift as you achieve objectives is GREAT!  I also LOVE being able to destroy buildings and tries.  Still not to the full extent you should be able to do this, but better then anything else I’ve seen.

They have also done some major re-balancing of the classes and worked in an imporoved leveling system that seems to keep things interesting for the vets playing, but still playable for the newbies who jump in for the first time.  Beyond that, it’s a battle field game with better graphics.  If you’ve liked any of the other BF games you will love this one.

Lastly, just because I thought it was interesting I could get a stat banner of all my less the stellar play, here is my banner.  It seems to be updating as we go.  So for the record, at the time of my posting this, I was at just under 11 hrs of game play, had a kill/death ratio of .71 (ick), 18 dog tags (from getting kills with a knife), as well as staying alive for just over a minute on average.  Cool and if I see this keep improving I will blame it on the late start. 😉

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  • Pappi

    U r teh awesome!!1!

    Also Shanny showed me this and I spent five minutes laughing at the name. Anyway keep on being awesome. And tall.

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