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four rosesSo, The Roses is an account of friends playing Travian on  The reason for this page?  Mostly just to help myself and others keep track of which of them is calling themselves what at any given time and hopefully why the change where possible.


There are four women on the account go by the following names; Flower, Pineh, Kirit, and Cis


The account as a whole is a semi lasting tribute to women who lived during the era of the Wars of the Roses (from the usurpation of the throne by Henry Bolingbroke to the founding of the Tudor dynasty)  Each village is named for one such woman and a note is listed on the profile explaining who each woman was and her role in the history of the era or her relationships to key players.

The Roses Update Log


As of January 3rd, 2014

The following were nick names being used by the persona’s of the account.

Flower, not the nice dual, Scary Spice
Pineh, nice dual, Ginger Spice
Kirit, nicer dual, Posh Spice
Cis, nicest dual, Baby Spice

As of January 4th, 2014

There appears to have been a a whiskey (or whisky) induced coup that also involved cloths, the account dispositions adjusted to reflect the following changes.

Flower, not the nice dual, Scary Spice
Pineh, nice dual, Posh Spice
Kirit, nicer dual, Ginger Spice
Cis, nicest dual, Baby Spice

As of January 5th, 2014

Paraphrased from Scary Spice: “Btw. Nice Spice stole all the cute clothes from the Posh Spice wardrobe, (back when Posh Spice was the nicer dual) and apropos nothing I stole a cute pair of shoes from Nice Spice that she used the TARDIS to shop for.”

Flower, not the nice dual, Scary Spice
Pineh, nice dual, Nice Spice
Kirit, nicer dual, Ginger Spice
Cis, nicest dual, Baby Spice

As of January 6th, 2014

How they manage to keep their profile updated with all of this is beyond me.

Flower, not the nice dual, Scary Spice
Pineh, nice dual, All Things Nice Spice
Kirit, nicer dual, Ginger Spice
Cis, nicest dual, Baby Spice

I also miffed Ginger spice.  I failed in not noting that the account is a tribute the women from the era of the War of the Roses.

As of January 7th, 2014

Ginger relayed an additional list of corrections for this page.  Good faith attempts have been made to make all required corrections as well as appropriate groveling attempts are being made in an attempt to return to good graces.

As of January 12th, 2014

Per comments, feel humbled and adding an additional village to the list.

Those being honored – The Women of The Roses

  • Margaret Beaufort, Countess of Richmond and Derby (1443-1509), mother of Henry VII.
  • Alice Chaucer de la Pole, Duchess of Suffolk (1404-1475), Lady of the Most Noble Order of the Garter.
  • Catherine Valois, Queen Consort of England (1401-1437), wife of Henry V, mother of Henry VI, and great-grandmother of Henry VII through her secret marriage to Owen Tudor.
  • Elizabeth Wydville, Queen Consort of England (1437-1492), wife of Edward IV, mother of the Princes in the Tower, grandmother of Henry VIII.
  • Anne Neville, Queen Consort of England (1456-1485), daughter of the Earl of Warwick, twice married – first to Edward of Westminster, Prince of Wales (the last Lancastrian heir) and second to King Richard III (the last Yorkist heir).
  • Marguerite d’Anjou, Queen Consort of England (1430-1482), wife of Henry VI, mother of Edward of Westminster.
  • Mary of Guelders, Queen Consort of Scotland (1434-1463), Regent of Scotland from 1460 to 1463, ally of Henry VI and Marguerite d’Anjou.
  • Jacquetta Of Luxembourg, Countess Rivers (1415-1472), twice married – first to John of Lancaster, Duke of Bedford and uncle to Henry VI and second to Richard Wydville, Baron Rivers; mother of Elizabeth Wydville.
  • Eleanor Butler, daughter of the Earl of Shrewsbury (1436-1468), alleged to have been pre-contracted to Edward IV before his marriage to Elizabeth Wydville; this relationship was used by Richard III to justify his taking the throne on the death of his brother.
  • Philippa Mortimer, Countess of Ulster (1355-1378), daughter of Lionel of Antwerp, heir presumptive to the childless Richard II and founder of the Yorkist line; the seniority of her line was usurped by Henry IV (founder of the Lancastrian line).
  • Jane Shore, (c.1445 – c.1527), mistress of Edward IV; after his death she served as courier between Elizabeth Wydville (then in sacntuary) and forces opposed to Richard III.
  • Kate Swynford, Duchess of Lancaster (1350-1403), mistress and later wife of John of Gaunt, son of Edward III; both the York and Tudor houses were descended from her children, Joan and John Beaufort.
  • Blanche Grosmont, Duchess of Lancaster (1345-1368), wife of John of Gaunt, son of Edward III; the Lancaster house was descended from her son, Henry Bolingbroke, later Henry IV.
  • Joan Beaufort, Countess of Westmorland (1379-1440), wife of Ralph de Neville; the Yorkist kings Edward IV and Richard III, Wareick the Kingmaker and his daughter Anne Neville were desecended from her.
  • Nell Cobham, Duchess of Gloucester (1400-1452); mistress and later wife of Humphrey Duke of Gloucester, her conviction for witchcraft estranged Humphrey from his nephew Henry VI
  • Bridget of York, Princess of England (1480-1517); daughter of Edward IV and Elizabeth Wydville, she entered Dartfort Priory to become a nun.
  • Tacine of Somerset (fl. 1440-1470); illegitimate daughter of John Beaufort, Duke of Somerset and half-sister to Margaret Beaufort.
  • Annabella Stewart, Princess of Scotland (ca. 1433-1509); great-granddaughter of Kate Swynford and John of Gaunt.
  • Agnes St. John (ca. 1435-1498), daughter of Margaret Beauchamp of Bletso and Sir Oliver St. John; uterine half-sister to Margaret Beaufort.


  • Cis

    Awesome!!! ;0)

  • pineh

    You are magnificent. We cant keep track of things alone and i always forget who i am and have to ask the nice lady on the desk. Now I can just check here every morning.


  • Kirit

    This is very cool. However….. I hate to be pedantic, but the list of names still has a fragment from Jacquetta’s entry hanging around at the very end. We don’t have a village named in honour of Richard Wydville, because he was s man, you see. :)

    But we love you anyway, Raz.

  • Tallraz

    Corrected… though I could have sworn that Richard Wydville had at one point been on the profile page, especially as I copy and pasted all of that. Corrections have been made.

  • Kirit

    Richard Wydville was mentioned in Jacquetta Luxembourg’s entry, as he was her husband. He never had an entry of his own. And we have another villa now, therefore another entry on the profile page. :)

    We love you, Raz. You’re so sincere. And earnest. And tall. :)

  • Tallraz

    On it!

  • Kirit

    You are so sweet.

  • flower

    Thank you for keeping a log of your history for us, you are the best.

    not the nice dual
    Scary Spice

    ps…don’t let anyone hear about my kind words, or someone might get the idea that I am not so not not nice.

  • Tallraz

    Mums the word!

  • Pineh

    Oh dear. I heard that flower was having a bad day. Now i find out she vented her niceness here

  • Tallraz

    Everyone has to get it out somewhere. It’s why we make safe places like this one.

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