Paintball terms

Here are some general paintball terms for your convienence

  • Bunker – this is any low and wide barricade you can hide behind.  In paintball a bunker can be made of twigs, trees, plywood, or just about anything else.
  • Marker – This is the gentile way of saying gun or paintball gun.  Some people get weirded out, so it’s a handy way of avoiding the G word, especially in public none paintball places.
  • Hopper – this is usually a plastic container that holds the paintballs and allows one to enter your marker at a time.
  • Regulator – this device helps your marker get a consistent amount of pressure for each shot, even if your using a high pressure tank or getting low on air.
  • CO2 – this is a liquid that turns into a gas when not at pressure.  As it takes energy to do this, CO2 seems cold when switching to the higher energy gas state and feels warm when compressed into a liquid.
  • Tank – this is any device that holds the fuel used to fire your marker.\
  • N2 (nitrogen) – A gas that can be kept at very high pressure.  One advantage is that nitrogen is cheap, and takes little or not additional equipment
  • Compressed Air – Can be used interchangeably with nitrogen, the only difference is compressed air can do some nasty things if water gets into your tank.  Don’t EVER use any compressor on your tank unless it has a dryer to prevent moisture from getting in.

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