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So, when we started, we had a weed infested small back yard.  I spent weeks pecking away at it trying to clear out the rocks and weed barriers that only compounded pulling the weeds that had grown through them.  In addition, we found that the local area was teeming with vermin that loved to dig up tender roots as a night time delicacy.  So what do you do when you are tired of the standing weeds, your wife wants to get her green thumb on in the garden, and the local pests keep attacking the more tender of plants?  You go up!

Now, I didn’t do all this on my own.  We turned to help from a landscaper to handle the brick work and handle the initial clean up.  What I had been pecking away at for several weekends they were able to do and more in just a couple of hours, then they put in the brick work for the raised bed and fire pit along with the pavers to the second garden behind the raised bed. » Read more